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Top Tips to Pass Your DOT Physical

Top Tips To Prepare For Your DOT Medical Exam

Posted On 2010-05-11 13:08:54
Like it or not, passing your DOT physical exam is as much a part of the job as maintaining a license to operate bus, truck, limo, taxi or any other kind of vehicle.

Do yourself a favor and be prepared for your next DOT physical. Here are some obvious, (some less so than others), but very important tips that will help you get this out of the way so you can get to work!

• If you use eyeglasses or contact lenses or wear a hearing aid bring them with you.
• Bring a list of the current medications you take and also bring the name and contact number of the doctor who prescribed the medication to you. 
• When you fill out the health history portion of the long form, do your best to explain any previous or current medical condition you may have.
• Supply the medical examiner with medical records for any conditions you have such as diabetes, cardiac disease, sleep disorders , neurological conditions etc. Before we can complete your DOT exam, we may need to review any diagnostic studies you had in the past such as for sleep apnea, exercise stress test or echocardiogram after you had a heart attack, and also obtain a clearance letter from your treating doctor.   If you take certain medications for pain, psychiatric conditions, attention deficit disorder, or smoking cessation for example, we would need a letter from your treating doctor as well.

Should you require a DOT physical examination, we are located in the metropolitan New York area in College Point, Queens.  Same day appointments are usually available.

For appointments or more information, please call 718-701-5949.
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